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Our Story


Yamo Smallgoods is a multi award winning manufacturer of halal smallgoods in Sydney. It has been supplying the community with premium quality smallgoods for over twenty years, previously under the Homebush Halal Meats banner. It is a small boutique family business that produces the largest range of halal smallgoods within Sydney. Ranging from deli meats,  beef and turkey rashers, salami, smoked meat and poultry, pizza toppings, frankfurts, barbeque products and deli specialty products. Such as biltong, hungarian salami, sucuk and pastrima.


All of Yamo Smallgoods products are made from premium cuts and use only the finest of ingredients and are gluten free. This is the reason why Yamo Smallgoods is synonymous with producing fine premium quality smallgooods based on an authentic family recipe. It is the quality and taste that sets us apart. Not just our diverse halal range. Our range of products can be found at many halal butcher shops, cafes, schools and delicatessens as we wholesale and retail our products to the wider community.  


Winning twenty two medals in the 2016 - 2015 Sydney Royal Fine Show is a great feat for a small business producing halal smallgoods and is a testament of the quality of our products.

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