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The most awarded Halal Smallgoods  Manufacturer in Australia.


Yamo Smallgoods is the most awarded halal smallgoods maker in Australia. Despite manufacturing halal smallgoods for over twenty years it was only 5 years ago that it made its debut at the Sydney Royal Fine Show.

Our first time in the 2015 Sydney Royal Fine Show resulted with Yamo Smallgoods coming home with 16 medals.

For the 2016 - 17 Sydney Royal Fine Show we managed to secure a further 17 and we are proud to have added another 7 in 2018.


As if the competition wasn't hard enough, the 2019 show was a Non-Halal competition! That means our products were judged against the big players in the market like Don, Bertocchi Smallgoods to win 4 medals more medals. The rashers were judged against bacon so it’s a great result winning 4 medals.


These 4 medals bring our total tally to 44 medals!!!
This is a great feat for a small business producing halal smallgoods and is a testament to the quality of our products.


2016 - 2015
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